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We’re excited to share the next steps in the CryptoKings Journey. 

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Your personal NFT is your avatar in our Metaverse land plot in the Sandbox. Here you can meet new people, participate in games, and explore new content from our developers. This land will be purchased and developed post mint, allowing you to build, own, and monetize your gaming experience.


By holding the NFT, you have the opportunity to earn our token featuring utilities such as staking. Through staking, you can generate passive income by holding the NFT as it increases in value. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for additional utilities as they are released – more will be announced soon!


Our Lion Pride donates a portion of all proceeds from the mint to supporting verified charitable organizations in providing sanctuary for lions and humankind. From wildlife preserves specializing in lion prides, to funding homeless shelters and creation of low-income housing, our NFT benefits both you and the world at large.

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While some lions prefer to travel and hunt individually, the most successful lions thrive in a social organization known as a Pride. Our story begins much the same. One King began his journey working alone to develop a legacy of success in this world. This began with the joint venture of “Kings Wheels,” built from a dream to a brand with multiple locations in Texas selling quality wheels and tires.

Over time, the King and a few members of his pride decided they wanted to help others build wealth and create a strong community in the process. Utilizing the crypto space to teach others to build success and wealth for a greater population, the four Lions created the Crypto Kings Club. Here they evolve from driven nomads to a successful Pride, sharing their mission and teaching ambitious people how to grow together.

What is the total supply for Crypto Kings Club NFT?

There will be a total of 10,000 unique 3D NFTs minted with 20 Legendary, 15 for giveaway and 5 Ultra Rare for added value.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token. Simplified, an NFT is a digital asset stored on a blockchain. For example, our NFTs are on the Ethereum blockchain. These units of data form a digital ledger where the units can be sold and traded. Read more on our CKC Training Academy Blog

How can I get an NFT?

To mint a Crypto Kings Club NFT, you will need to obtain Ethereum tokens from a provider such as Coinbase and transfer these to a wallet – preferably MetaMask. Once established, your digital wallet can be connected to your browser for use.Visit our blog post on a step-by-step instructions on how to mint an NFT.

Who is the art created by?

The 3D artwork was developed and created by professional marketing team Proxima Studios.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is an all-new virtual world where people interact using 3D avatars to communicate, play games, and generate revenue. Read more on this post where we break down the metaverse.

How will this benefit me?

Your Kings NFT will be your gateway to the CryptoKings Metaverse and our emerging gaming title. Brace yourself for exclusive perks, character bonuses, and much more!

Minting this NFT allows you to interact in the Metaverse using the avatar as well as potentially generate passive income through staking the NFT. The project will give back to its holders by teaching them how to build wealth through the CKC Trading Academy, while also giving back to the less fortunate through ongoing philanthropy partnerships.

What is the utility for this NFT?

As you’ll read in our Litepaper, you’ll notice that we include:

  • 10% Discount at Kings Wheels throughout North Texas
  • Access to our CKC Trading Academy
  • Membership to our Metaverse Community
  • Revenue Sharing with Holders
  • In-game Perks, Skins and Uprades
  • Unique Merchandise
  • IRL Exclusive Events & Perks

Our Team

Untitled design (60)
Jihad Faraj COO
Untitled design (61)
Nasim Isa CFO
Untitled design (64)
Adieb Isa CEO
Untitled design (63)
Maisoon Isa CDO
Untitled design (65)
Proxima Studios Design Studio

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